Security Advice

Be safe against doorstep scammers -

Make sure you have a securely fitted door chain and well placed security lighting. Never open your door unless you've checked who is there beforehand. If they're unknown ask for ID from them through the letterbox. If they are legitimate they wont mind at all. If in doubt call the company number on the ID. If there isn't one polittely decline to open door and report to the police. All ID should have a number to verify the caller. If they check out OK and you let them in do not leave alone in your house even if you need to go to another room, ask them to go with you. Be aware that scammers often work in pairs so make sure all other doors are locked before opening the one the callers at.

Keep doors and windows locked -

Ensure your windows and door lock are in good working order and use them. At night make sure all windows and doors are securely locked, even if your sat downstairs. When leaving the house double check all are locked and in summer don't be tempted to leave doors or windows open. Opportunists are very good at exploiting this in warmer weather.

Be in when your not -

If you're going out, make your house look as if its occupied. If your going out late make sure curtains are drawn. If on holiday dont leave clues such as piles of mail. Ask at your post office for a mail holding whilst your away, or ask a trusted neighbour to call in to collect the post and switch a light or two on overnight, leave a radio on. Cancel any paper deliveries.

Think about automatic timers that can do this for you. Other tips police recommend is asking your neighbour to park their car on your drive

Keep tall hedges trimmed -

Keep garden hedges trimmed and don't make hiding easier for a burglar. Any security lights should light up all the immediate area around your home. If possible have a boundary fence around your back garden that's difficult to climb over.

Get crunchy gravel -

A useful warning for homeowners - and a deterrent for would be intruders - is to have noisy gravel on driveways and paths to make any approach noisier.

Living Alone - Check in -

If you live alone, always let someone know your safe, even a quick text to let a friend know you're home and safe after a night out is enough.

Don't get comfortable in your own street -

Stay alert when approaching your home, until you are safely indoors. Have your keys to hand so you are not fumbling on the doorstep and think of safe places you could go if you felt threatened, whether that be a shop, friend's house or a pub.

Carry a personal safety alarm -

These devices, which cost very little, can shock or disorientate an attacker, giving you vital seconds to get away. Pick one with the shrillest, loudest siren possible.

Don't shout about it -

Don't use social sites such as Facebook to say when you're out or at work – especially not to say that you live alone or will be alone in the house at a certain time. Similarly, don't boast about your upcoming holidays to anyone unless you trust them very well.

Keep keys hidden -

Never leave a spare key concealed anywhere near the front door , burglars know all the hiding places. Also never store keys near the front door to avoid letterbox burglaries, and never label your house keys in case you lose them.

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